How to Get Into a House When Locked Out

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Many of us have gotten locked out of the house, and many parents have experienced the sick feeling of being locked out while your baby or toddler is inside alone. It only has to happen once to remind us that we need a backup plan in the event that we’re accidentally locked out of our house. Use the following suggestions to learn how to get into your house when you’re locked out.


    • Install an electronic security entry system outside your garage door or your front entry door. This entails pressing a code onto a keypad to gain entry to the house or property. This is an expensive option, but well worth every penny if your baby is in the house alone. Another option is to have the security pad on your garage door with a key hidden somewhere inside your garage to then unlock the door from the garage to the house.

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      Leave a duplicate key with a neighbor you completely trust. You may even exchange keys so that you can help them out in a similar situation. Of course, this person will need to be home when the time comes to request your key.

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      Carry an extra key to your house or apartment in your wallet, purse or hidden in your car somewhere.

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      Hide an extra key outside, and not in an obvious place such as under the doormat. Have different locks on your front door and your back door. Then, you can hide a front-door key in the backyard and a back-door key somewhere in the front yard.

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      Call your spouse, roommate or Big Valley Lock and Key to come home to help you get back into the house that you’re locked out of.

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      Contact your security alarm company with help in accessing your home. You could also call 9-1-1, if it’s an emergency that you get into your house.

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      Break a window to get in if you really have to get inside the house in a hurry.

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